The CodaBox Connect services

Get documents

Provide your customers with their personal documents via CodaBox.


Offer your users their codified account statements directly through your software.

Purchase invoices

Your users’ purchase invoices are available directly through your software via PEPPOL.


Offer your users their social documents directly through your software.

Sales invoices

Your users’ sales invoices are available directly through your software.

Send sales invoices via PEPPOL

To customer

Send your customers’ electronic invoices to their recipients via the PEPPOL and Zoomit channels.

Copy to accountant

Send an electronic copy of the customer’s sales invoice to his/her accountant.

Order mandates

Offer your users CODA features

From ordering mandates to receiving CODA-files directly in your software.

+100,000 Belgian SMEs connected through their accountants.

Access our 100,000 customers. Bring your services to the attention of their accountants by means of our regular communications.

CodaBox Connect for the developers

Offer your users added value by implementing the powerful CodaBox solutions for your software. Incorporate our flexible and upgradable tools in your software with ease for innovative management of all your accounting documents.

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CodaBox Connect is:

  • Simple: a technology that is easy to use,
  • Clear: a clear and well-documented code,
  • Flexible: technology based on an API JSON http request,
  • Upgradable: CodaBox is constantly innovating to offer you new services,
  • Cutting edge: access the latest technological advances thanks to the CodaBox IT teams.

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Get documents

CODASODAPurchase invoicesSales invoices

Send sales invoices

To customerCopy to accountantVia PEPPOL

Order mandates